A desire to connect life and energy. To express an emotion that speaks to the inner self and reflect not what is visible but what is rendered visible.

​​​"Art washes from your soul the dust of everyday life" - Pablo Picasso

Whether it's an inspirational thought, an abstract vision or personal and cultural experiences, my expansive canvases embody and depict a heightened expression of my thoughts and evolve from the physical and emotional environment I find myself in. 

My tools and I : When I paint, I feel compelled to create and transcend simple objective representations. I try to identify, assemble, reconstruct and amplify the essence of each scene thus enabling mental imagery. In recent years I moved further away from traditional painters tools, and developed a style largely assisted by the use of unconventional techniques helping me build and mold my images to recreate my vision on canvas. As I have for years been on a journey to explore these different techniques, each style gives me its own texture and contributes differently to the meaning of the work it was used to create.

I believe that in realistic art the language is spoken on the painting. In abstract art, there is no language - it's what you want to make it to be. The process is the same, the understanding - different. My abstract works strip away the narrative, the real-life expected visuals and urge the brain to work in a different, subconscious level.

Repeatedly I step back from the painting to appraise the work in progress from a distance and contemplate the next step. The process can take a few weeks or a few months until I am satisfied with the result. Often, I look at my work in progress and take away whatever experiences I feel at that time. Chances are, that on returning I would interpret the same work into a different language - more related to my feelings and emotions at that exact moment. An emotion that speaks to the inner self. 

Over the years, I've taken delight in dabbling in various genres of art. Here is an insight into my world over the last decade.

My commissioned works have been popular over the years. I can help to translate my vision and customize the piece to your space. 
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​​​​These paintings portray the many facets of the woman as she struggles to find herself within different roles and relationships in her life. These paintings are all about female individualism.

​​​​Ashmita Gulati - Visual Artist

A series of canvases inspired by the majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the glorious hues that surrounds us through the different seasons.

These paintings are all about nature.

Inspired by the spirit of Mumbai, the sheer resilience and fortitude of its people, its majestic skyline and the richness of its diversity, this city holds its own.

These paintings are about life in the metropolis.